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  • What is Android Device Manager?

    This is a special tool that can be used to track down Android devices if they have been lost or stolen. The programme can also be sued to set a new password if desired, make the Android device ring or erase the password and history from the device if it is gone forever.

  • Is Android Device Manager Free?

    Not only is the software that powers this handy app available completely free of charge, it also comes with most Android Smartphones and tablets as standard. This means that the app does not even need to be downloaded or installed and it will start running as soon as an Android device is purchased and registered.

  • Can Android Device Manager Unlock Phones?

    The programme can be used on any other mobile device or computer and users first need to go to and enter the Google login details they used when locking their phone. Choose the device you want to unlock and choose lock, then choose a temporary password and then lock again. This temporary password can now be used to unlock the device.

  • Is Android Device Manager on by Default?

    While the software is always running in theory, it can only be used under certain conditions. The Android device must be switched on and connected to either Wi-Fi or mobile data. Users need to sign into their Google Account and make sure that the location is turned on.

  • Do I Need to Create an Account?

    In order to use Android Device Manager in is necessary to have a Google account and sign into that account. There are several different types of Google accounts for users to choose from a drop down menu and users will need to have a current Google password that they can use to sign in to use the software.

  • How Can I Find my Forgotten Password?

    People who wish to take advantage of this handy programme will need to sign in using their Google password and supply details of the password they use to lock their phone with. In order to retrieve this password if it has been forgotten, simply go to the website and click on Forgotten Password to receive an email containing the password.

  • What is Android Device Manager Compatible with?

    The programme is compatible with all Android devices that are running Froyo, which is also known as 2.2, or a later platform. People who have the latest Android devices will find that the programme is enabled by default and they do not need to do anything to set it up.

  • Is Android Device Manager Accurate?

    The accuracy of the programme tends to vary slightly between Android devices and the location where the device is currently located. The programme generally shows a radius of thirty metres in which the device is located, which could be very useful if the phone has been left at a particular house or business.

  • Does Android Device Manager Erase the SD Card?

    The programme can be used to erase information on an Android device. However, this does not apply to data that is stored on an SD card as this information is not technically part of the device data and it is a good idea to avoid storing personal information on SD cards.

  • Does Android Device Manager Work if GPS is Off?

    Unfortunately, the programme relies of the GPS of the Android device to locate it and cannot work if the GPS has been turned off. Therefore, people who have a habit of misplacing their Android device may want to make sure that the GPS is on and accurate at all times.