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Find your lost Android device

Android Device Manager is a software utility that helps you locate your Android devices. Losing or misplacing your phone can be a hassle, especially if you store sensitive data in it.  This web service from Google will let you locate, ring, and even erase all the data from your missing phone remotely. It geo-localizes your device on a map, so you can see where it is. However, if the GPS isn't active on your phone, the location won’t be very precise. 

Easily locate a missing phone

Android Device Manager has a simple and easy-to-use interface, negating every complication there could be in using it. Upon launching, the app will display an interface similar to Google Maps. The majority of the app’s window is dedicated to the map, which you can zoom to find the exact location of your phone. 

On the left side of the app’s windows is the device’s information, as well as other options that you can do on your missing phone. The app displays your phone’s model, battery status, and location. It even shows you if your device is connected online or not. As noted, this utility app can only provide an exact location of your phone if its GPS is activated. 

To use the app, you only need to log in on the Google account that you use in your device. The app will then fetch the location automatically. Since all Google products don’t need different credentials, you can benefit from having one account for all your products. This can even locate multiple devices—provided they use the same Google account. Thus, you can keep track of all their whereabouts anytime. 

Ring, lock or erase

As this app locates your device, it also offers you three things that you can do to find it—or in case it got stolen, protect the data saved in it. If you simply misplace it, you can choose the Play Sound option. This makes your device ring for five minutes, even it is set to silent. With this, you can follow the sound to find its whereabouts. 

In the case of your phone being stolen or missing, the app gives you two options. One, you can secure your device by locking it and signing out of your Google Account. You can also display a message or phone number on the lock screen. You will still be able to locate your device even after it’s locked. 

If locking the device did not do the trick, you have the option to wipe all the content from your device. With this, all sensitive information stored in it cannot be accessed by the person holding your phone. Note, however, that after your device has been erased, you can no longer locate it. 

Useful in case of loss or theft

Android Device Manager is a helpful tool to have in case you lose your Android phone. Its basic operation is very simple, allowing you to know your phone’s location easily. It also provides you with options on what to do should your device got stolen. Moreover, since it is a web service, you can find your device no matter where you are.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Can lock your device remotely
  • Can locate multiple devices
  • Erases data remotely


  • No advanced features
  • Locating only works if the GPS on the Android device is on
  • Location accuracy varies with GPS quality

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Android Device Manager for Web Apps

  • Free
  • In English
  • 3.9
  • (2041)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Android Device Manager

  • Ishmael Mkhuleko

    by Ishmael Mkhuleko

    It's very easy and it is not complicated to use. It is the best phone tracking available

  • E E

    by E E

    This is the best method to track your lost android phone. Android Device Manager is everything if you can properly use it. This software can easily f More

  • scrinch kushmi

    by scrinch kushmi

    If everyone properly know that how to use Android Device Manager I think their personal data never been steal. This is very important for all. I reco More

  • Seller

    by Seller

    need to work next time when shut down.
    dosnt work when shutten down is not good need to work noise when shut down
    Pros: location
    Co More

  • Tapan Chakraborty

    by Tapan Chakraborty

    Excellent but not ultra excellent.
    This APP is very good.But it does'nt work if the mobile is switched off. Normally if the mobile is stolen, th More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    This device is Very helpful for everyone and it is important


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